Storm Clouds Over Manchester Today

NOKIA Lumia 800_ Storm Cloud Over Manchester

NOKIA Lumia 800_ Storm Cloud Over Manchester

I thought you might like to see this image I took at work of a huge storm cloud over manchester UK today (3/10/12 @ about 5 pm.)

I have put the image through Topaz 5 software to de noise as best I can and used shadow/highlight in the adjustments list. I also used the burn tool to highlight the light areas in the cloud. Had to process the image this way because the image from the camera phone just wasn’t sharp enough, it just isn’t very good at ¬†big expansive landscapes without some tweaking. Otherwise this image is genuine without any¬†photoshop tricks and lies.

What I did today

Along with todays ‘Featured Image of the Day’ I took a dozen photographs on my Nokia Lumia 800 mobile phone when I visited Media City in Salford for a day out. I got home and downloaded the images onto my computer and quickly edited them. I over did the de noising using Topaz software and they have a smeared look about them.

Now, two things about these images.

1. I enjoyed taking them as I walked along the quayside.

2. I enjoyed the editing process, I always do, but they are not the best edited images I have done, but because I wanted to post them tonight before I went back to work tomorrow (way too tired to do them after work!) I posted one for the featured image of the day and it was really about the images rather than the quality.

and 3. (thought of something else) I am a little frustrated with the limitations of using a camera phone all the time because when I want a good quality image for reproducing in print the resolution isn’t good enough and it takes lots of work. I long for my DSLR back for those shots I want to hang on my wall.

Overall, the camera phone is great but I did research getting a bridge camera for better resolution, it turns out however, they use the same size sensor as my phone and nothing would be gained (a Jessops member of staff showed me a chart with sensor sizes).